- wedding services portal website - wedding services portal website - wedding services portal website is a wedding services website which includes modules for managing Your Wedding. One of the main goals of the project is to provide the wedding couple the possibility to create their own website, to create their own to-do tasks(with or without deadlines), to invite their wedding guests and to create lists with gifts that their guests could easily mark they will be buying.

In the process of the wedding services website development, our developers and designers combined their creativity and pragmacy to deliver to the client a product with utmost quality, which completely matches their requirements.

A large amount of the website development work was connected with the inner functions of the website. Some of them are the table order and arrangement which gives the users the possibility to seat different guests on different tables, created by themselves, and to be able to generate the budget and keep track of how their budget is spent throughout the wedding organisation. is a website which is suitable not only for wedding couples, but as well for wedding agencies, that organise the wedding events of their clients.

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Technologies: PHP , jQuery , HTML5 , HTML , MySQL , CSS , CSS3

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