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Corporate Services Website Optimisation One of the challenges that we often find is the inquiry for an offer for SEO optimisation of a website, which offers services for corporate users.

Naturally, these are websites with less content. Those websites contain in general one or two specific services, that are not widely applied. Websites of such kind are created proffesionally, with very good responsive web design and relatively good navigation. 

In this case the SEO optimisation - positioning of the website from organic searches in Google, of course, is possible. But what exactly will be the effect from it is hard to forecast.

There are couple of directions that we work on. Creating additional website content  is one of them, though this requires serious research and discussions of the semantic core. The challenge is that the search will be with relatively low volume. The corporate clients do sign contracts for at least a year. During the period of the contract this client automatically is considered as a non-potential organic search visitor of the website.

The second direction is creating good pages and profiles in the social networks. They lead to a better branding in the brand's target environment. At the same time those profiles and pages are being used for creating valuable social network signals and inbound links.

One of the must-use tools is Google My Business – for every office and location alone.

This is just a small part of our professional advices. Two more important advices: educating every member of the team of our clients and SEO consulting support.

Positioning of the business in Internet and improving the brand recognition are services that we recommend.